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Book Wall, at iQ Leeds | books, bookwall, interior design, debbie smyth

Last month I worked with Naomi Cleaver on an interesting project for iQ Leeds to design and install a wall made completely out of books, which I think you will agree, is very different to my usual pin and thread work. I have worked with Naomi of various jobs before including Flight Paths for iQ Shoreditch ,amongst others

I sourced the books from my local book recycling depot, all 2 tonnes of them.  Us and our lorry load of books headed up to Leeds to install the wall in the new study room before the start of the new term. It was a bit liked dry stone walling having to find the right size book to fit into various nooks and crannies. And without much further ado, here are the results.

The room was still a bit of a building site when we left with carpets yet to be fitted, furniture added and lighting installed, but I don’t think this effects the overall look of the wall

I managed to get a shot of myself with the wall as a backdrop which gives you an idea of the epic scale of this task. It took myself and an assistant  3 long days, copious amounts of Gripfill, lots of pva, thousands of books, and shed load of determination to get this 8 metre long book wall built in time, but I enjoyed every second. Hope you like it

My first post, how exciting!!

As I don’t have my website set up yet, I thought a good interim solution was to get myself a blog. So here I am….
Firstly, I think it’s best to start with a little introduction, so you all can get a little bit more familiar with me and what it is I do……..

I am a textile artist with a workshop in Cheltenham Spa. I create contemporary artworks which employ a variety of skills and techniques to transform unusual and unorthodox materials and objects into playful yet sophisticated pieces. This diverse style developed through training at West Wales School of the Arts, where I gained a first class honours degree in Contemporary Textiles.

Following the completion of my degree, I began to establish my own practice; the past year has been very busy, which has seen my work grow and progress. I have already exhibited at New Designers 2008, Tent London 2008 and other galleries across the UK.

The overall focus of my portfolio centres on the transformation of two dimensional lines and planes into three dimensional shapes and space. The dynamic energy of the drawn line is pushed in my pin and thread work. Creating a network of lines by stretching strands of thread between accurately measured and plotted pins gives an new lease of life to the a simple illustration. Anchored to the panels whilst simultaneously is floating in space, an element of deception is created which invites the inquisitiveness of the viewer.

As a multi-disciplinary thinker, my newly created forms can then take on a life of their own, as happy decorating 21st century interiors as featuring in fashion shoots; unique gifts at one scale, gallery installations at another.

Check out some pics at flickr
Also see Cool Hunting, Matandme and fforwm for some more info, pics etc

Your comments and emails are very welcome as I’d love to hear from you
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy getting to know me cos there’s more to come….