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Very much overdue……

So I’ve been a bit slack with my posting but the plan is to get right back up to date asap so I keep all you lovely people  in the loop with what I’m up to….
My last post came just after Origin last year, which proved to be a very worthwhile experience and I will be applying again this year. The shows new venue and setup suited me very well- running in line with LDF brought in a new type of clientèle, and opened my work, along the the other exhibitors, work up to a much wider and varied audience

Here’s a little pic of  my stand at Origin 2010 and below I’m doing a bit of threading at the show

And a few pics of some of the commission I gained from Origin

and another

So thats a little about Origin 2010…….my minds on the go now thinking of new ideas for Origin 2011 if I get in that is…..bigger and better hopefully!!!

Crafted is UP and AWAY………

Had both an exciting and exhausting week up in Carmarthen. Not only was I installing my new piece in the Oriel Myrddin but catching up with college friends was also on the agenda. Great to be back!!

Everything went smoothly with the installation but it might not have if it wasn’t for the dedicated staff of the gallery. A big thank you to you all!! Also the on site pinning went according to plan. Had the odd one bend here and there bit thats only to be expected….my poor thumb though, now thats another story. Think he may have got knocked one too many times…..

Anywho here’s some pics on the behind the scene action…….

And some final photos

Couple of detail shots; Shed

and birdies…….

Boxed Birds are available to buy in the gallery shop as well as other smaller pieces;

See below

Also a few pics of some of the other artist’s work on show at Crafted

I know I’m biassed but I have to say it is such an interesting and inspirational show. A big thank you to Meg Anthony, the gallery manager, who has been helpful and who has put together such a fantastic show.
Exhibition runs until May 16th so plenty of time to drop in and have a wee look round
Cheers for reading!!

Crafted @ The Oriel Myrddin Gallery 4 April – 16 May

A new exhibition and more new work. I have been very busy thes past few weeks creating new work for the Crafted exhibition. The Private view is Saturday 4 April @ 2pm and everyone is welcome. Here’s a bit about the show;

“Crafted is an exhibition celebrating the materials, processes and techniques involved in the making of extraordinary objects, often using traditional methods to acheive a subversive result. Each maker is fascinated by the physical outcomes that transform their material, however mundane or workaday, into something remarkable. Whether through technology, inventiveness, virtuosity; or the rhythms and repetitions of making, or the investment of time and diligence, these objects are captivating. They express a new mood of exchange, between contemporary craft, art and design.”

I will be showing along side artists which include Carol Kingsbury Gwizdak, Thomas Forsyth and Moon Young Shin.

And here’s a little sneaky peek of whats I’m going to have on show………

No photos of the actual piece just yet…..you are going to have to come see the show for that. This piece does differ those I have done before due to the fact that some of the pinning and threading will be done on site……

Some of my smaller work will also be available form the gallery shop.

Exhibition runs from the 4 April – 16 May in the Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Church Lane, Carmarthen.

Open Mon-Sat 10-5

On a different note, I’d also like to thank everyone who was able to make to the artist’s talk for the Material Evidence exhibition last Saturday. The turn out was fantastic and it was great to meet and chat with all the other exhibiting artists. It being my first talk, I was incredibly nervous and thank you to everyone for being so supportive. I’d also like to say a big thank you to Jo Hall and Louise Hesketh for their continued help and support from start to finish. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Hopefully see you all at the Crafted Private View in The Oriel Myrddin Gallery on the 4 April at 2pm

Material Evidence @ The Brindley, Runcorn 21 Feb-11 April

“The exhibition Material Evidence brings together four artists-Clare Lane, Laura McCafferty and recent graduates Debbie Smyth and Caroline Kirton- whose work reflects the importance of making and materials in contemporary art. They represent a new wave of artists and makers with a fresh take on the boundaries between art and craft. By exploring a range of processes, each artist reveals an affinity for working with the physicality of the textile medium in a fresh and exciting way.” – Jo Hall, Exhibition curator.
Commonplace industrial structures, architectural forms and bridges have always been a big source of inspiration for me and the Runcorn Widnes Bridge was no exception. Its dramatic scale, the repetitive nature of its structure and its intricacy all simultaneously intrigued me. However it wasn’t until I began to explore the bridge from all angles and view points that it’s captivating and bewildering perspective had me in awe. This matrix of steel rods seemed to funnel and disperse with the arch of the bridge giving it an air of illusiveness. By combining it’s complexity with my simple materials I feel I have captured its eye tricking nature.

One of my initial sketches for the Jubilee Bridge installation (above)

A lovely shot of me installing the Jubilee Bridge, 19/02/09 (above)

And a couple of shots of the final installation (above)

Running on from my pylon series, the bridge was an interesting addition to my pin and thread landscape. However unlike my pylons which I saw as floating linear structures, this bridge had a location; surroundings full of stories. It is the inclusion of these stories, which fundamentally is the less recognized beauty of Runcorn, which brings my piece to life.

The exhibition has had some good press coverage which include
Liverpool Daily Post, AN Magazine and The Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News

There will be a discussion at 1pm on 14th March about the work, with all four artists and the exhibition curator Jo Hall. Admission is free.

The exhibition is Supported by Arts Council England.

Some of my smaller work will also be on show, see below

And finally a general overview of the gallery, see below,

Just a little glimpse of whats on offer, all you have to do now is go and see it.

I’m in Tangible……

Tangible- High Touch Visuals is a new book out which explores the blurred borders of graphic design, illustration, art, interior design, architecture and craftsmanship. Following in the footsteps of Hidden Track (2005) and Tactile (2007), Tangible presents further developments from the work of young designers and artists who are experimenting with this multidisciplinary approach and creating outstanding original “tangible” designs.

The cover (above) and my page (right)

For more information about the book visit

The Designers Review of Books &


Gestalten.tv also has a video interview with Julien Vallée who created the cover and chapter plates for the book.

Or even better if you would like to purchase this lovely book visit Amazon

I may be a tad biassed but it trully is an inspirational book. It’s predessor Tactile proved to be an indispensable tool during the research for my final year project. I advise anyone who loves to rebel against the digitally dominant age we live in and get there hands stuck into the make and do side of a project, that this is the book for you.