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Book Wall, at iQ Leeds | books, bookwall, interior design, debbie smyth

Last month I worked with Naomi Cleaver on an interesting project for iQ Leeds to design and install a wall made completely out of books, which I think you will agree, is very different to my usual pin and thread work. I have worked with Naomi of various jobs before including Flight Paths for iQ Shoreditch ,amongst others

I sourced the books from my local book recycling depot, all 2 tonnes of them.  Us and our lorry load of books headed up to Leeds to install the wall in the new study room before the start of the new term. It was a bit liked dry stone walling having to find the right size book to fit into various nooks and crannies. And without much further ado, here are the results.

The room was still a bit of a building site when we left with carpets yet to be fitted, furniture added and lighting installed, but I don’t think this effects the overall look of the wall

I managed to get a shot of myself with the wall as a backdrop which gives you an idea of the epic scale of this task. It took myself and an assistant  3 long days, copious amounts of Gripfill, lots of pva, thousands of books, and shed load of determination to get this 8 metre long book wall built in time, but I enjoyed every second. Hope you like it

Crafted is UP and AWAY………

Had both an exciting and exhausting week up in Carmarthen. Not only was I installing my new piece in the Oriel Myrddin but catching up with college friends was also on the agenda. Great to be back!!

Everything went smoothly with the installation but it might not have if it wasn’t for the dedicated staff of the gallery. A big thank you to you all!! Also the on site pinning went according to plan. Had the odd one bend here and there bit thats only to be expected….my poor thumb though, now thats another story. Think he may have got knocked one too many times…..

Anywho here’s some pics on the behind the scene action…….

And some final photos

Couple of detail shots; Shed

and birdies…….

Boxed Birds are available to buy in the gallery shop as well as other smaller pieces;

See below

Also a few pics of some of the other artist’s work on show at Crafted

I know I’m biassed but I have to say it is such an interesting and inspirational show. A big thank you to Meg Anthony, the gallery manager, who has been helpful and who has put together such a fantastic show.
Exhibition runs until May 16th so plenty of time to drop in and have a wee look round
Cheers for reading!!